How the Masters of Photography website works

In order to maximise and deepen the learning, the courses of Masters of Photography are composed of 4 complementary and inter-locking activities. By delving into these activities you will gain the most from the website and develop your photographic sensibilities.

The 4 activities are:

  1. Watch: the courses come in the form of carefully crafted videos. There are between 25 and 35 lessons to watch for each masterclass.
  2. Read: downloadable and printable documents are provided summarizing the lessons in support of the video courses. Our blog will provide valuable information about the courses, the masters as well as photography tips.
  3. Do: key lessons are followed by an assignment designed to apply what you have learned.
  4. Get feedback: you can upload your assignment photographs on the website and then select and submit some or all of them for feedback from your fellow students on key elements of photography: Content, Creativity, Composition and Technique.

The website has 4 sections structured around these 4 activities:

  1. The masterclasses Once you have enrolled for a course you'll have created a student login that will give you access to the course’s lessons and the downloadable support material.
  2. Your own Student Dashboard Your login will give you access to your private student section where you can update your details and upload assignment photographs, which are public and published on the Photostream.
  3. The Photostream All the photos that our students upload will appear on the Photostream. Everyone visiting the site can see the photographs but only our students can give feedback. The Photostream is a great way not only to get feedback on your own work but also to get inspiration and ideas from the community.
  4. The News and Updates section Our Blog's aim is to become a great resource for everyone interested in photography. We will give information about the masters, their exhibitions and books and also about the courses, tips, behind the scenes glimpses, site updates and upcoming courses.

Made by the best. For everyone.

Learn from the greats

At Masters Of Photography our main goal is to inspire you to take better photographs. The best way to achieve this is to learn from people who have completely mastered their craft, photographers that are at the very top of photographic achievement. We have, therefore, partnered with the very best in their fields to teach us many aspects including landscape, portraiture, still life and street photography. As we add more courses we will cover more categories including nature, wild life, fashion and abstract. Our masters are extraordinary people with a wealth of experience and an infectious passion for photography and the world that we live in. We have asked each of them to create their own arc of learning and to give us their own point of view. Each course is a one to one, intimate lesson that captures their particular knowledge, ethos and philosophy.

Developing your eye

The courses are not so much about the basic technical aspects of photography as they are about developing your eye. As Chris, the founder of Masters of Photography puts it: “We don’t necessarily need to understand how to technically use a camera in order to create better photographs...we just need to understand how to use our eyes and minds to create images that say what we want them to say.” The courses are therefore suitable for photographers of all skill levels. From people who have just picked up a camera for the first time to experienced photographers who want to find out how these masters create their images.

The Courses

Each Master’s course is around 5 hours long and split into 25 to 30 bite–size lessons, packed full of engaging, informative nuggets. The production concept for these Master classes is to walk side by side with our master photographers, listening, watching and being inspired by how they create their incredible imagery. To make the courses even more interesting we wanted to take these masters to locations that both excited us and enabled them to demonstrate exactly how they create their images. We’ve travelled with them around the world from New York to Cuba and Morocco to Italy, capturing them at work. So come and join our masters and start your journey. To learn more about Masters of Photography come and visit our blog regularly. We’ll provide more detail about the Masters themselves, their courses as well as resources, tips, behind the scenes, news and updates.

We're live! Online photography courses

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Masters Of Photography website!

Masters of Photography provides online photography courses from the greatest photographers in the world. A year ago we asked ourselves a very simple question. Who better to teach us how to capture our images than the greatest master photographers? Surprisingly this didn't exist on the web. And so, the project was born. 12 months later after a lot of work, this is the first time that great, legendary photographers are brought together in one place to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with all of us to create this unique resource. These online photography courses have been specifically produced to be accessible to everyone. From amateurs to professionals, it will inspire all of you at any level to go out and improve your photography. These are not technical lessons. The platform allows the students to watch the master classes and download the associated written material. It also has assignments after key lessons to apply what you have learned. Students can then upload their photos to the site to be reviewed by the community. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with the Masters and to follow them on location in the USA, UK, Cuba, Portugal and Italy. We launch the series with the legendary artist photographer Joel Meyerowitz and will follow soon after with the iconic photographer Steve McCurry. More Masters courses are already in production and we will continuously add them to the site. We hope that you’ll enjoy these unique courses, your teachers and the website. In the mean time, you can learn more about Masters of Photography by visiting this blog regularly. We’ll provide more details about the Masters themselves, the courses as well as resources, tips, glimpses behind the scenes, news and updates.