The photographer Elliott Erwitt, was born to Jewish-Russian parents in Paris, before moving to Italy and later settling in the United States. He studied photography and filmmaking in Los Angeles and New York City. Ater graduating, he served as a photographer’s assistant in the US Army.

Erwitt is known for the somewhat comical interplay of his subjects and the absurdity of everyday life. He has a great deal of affection for dogs and this is reflected in his work. Many of his personal photographs are of dogs and they have been the subject of five of his books.

In this film, he commentates on a range of his favourite black and white photographs. Erwitt claims to be no good at talking about pictures, but what he lacks in eloquence he makes up for with his dry wit and matter-of-fact commentary. It a pleasure to watch the man display his career’s work.

If Elliott has inspired you to learn the art of street photography, check out the online photography course of fellow New Yorker, Joel Meyerowitz.

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