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“Our courses are about learning to develop your creativity, ideas, stories … and express them through images. You’ll learn how light, composition, mood as well as a passion for excellence, research and perseverance can turn photographs into art. Everybody can do it!

And what is truly unique with our courses is that you’ll learn all this from the Masters themselves. There is no better way. You’re in for a treat and you can try 4 free lessons by signing up below. You won’t regret it!”

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albert Watson

  • The art of great portraiture photography
  • How to make stunning Fashion Photography
  • The importance of graphic composition
  • Tips & tricks for landscape photography
  • Awesome lighting techniques
  • Concepts for still life & much more!

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joel Meyerowitz

  • How to master street photography
  • To discover your photographic identity
  • Still life & relationships between objects
  • To follow your curiosity when you travel
  • To let light be your subject
  • Ideas for composition & much more!

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steve McCurry

  • Storytelling with your photography
  • The art of environmental portraiture
  • To use juxtaposition in your imagery
  • His 9 key tips for portraiture
  • Shooting in all types of weather
  • About his iconic images & much more!

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david Yarrow

  • To create amazing Wildlife Photography
  • Originality in your photography
  • Inspirational ideas & concepts
  • Capturing people & places
  • The art of beautiful B&W prints
  • Monetising your work & much more!

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