Recently, we ran a photo competition on Instagram and on the Masters of Photography Photostream. Thank you to all those who entered!

The theme of the competition was ‘Black & White’, allowing for a broad range of entries from photographers of all different disciplines and styles.

The competition proved to be hugely popular with a very high standard of entries! Well done to all the winners. Here is winning photograph, the runners up and the highly commended entries:



by Ravi Ranasinghe ©



Runners Up

by Mehdi Ghasemi ©



by Nance Fleming ©



Highly Commended

by D Kelly ©



by Paula Heelan ©



by Martin Schitto ©



by Keith Rodriguez ©



by Sarfraz Durrani ©



by Renata Dutrée ©



by Luis Rubim ©



by Udit Sharma ©



by Chris Nesbitt ©



by Sarfraz Durrani ©



by Harvey Greenberg ©



by Paul Crudington ©



by Robert Hechinger ©



by Robert Hechinger ©



by Stephen Cheung ©

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