What photographic projects do you have planned for 2022?

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What photographic projects do you have planned for 2022?

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Undertaking personal projects in photography is incredibly important for our development as artists. Creating a project can help you to focus your ideas, concepts and passion into something meaningful and tangible. At the end of the day, a series of photographs should help you to express your vision better than single images can do. 

So what are your projects for 2022? Will you be shooting indoors? Outdoors? Have travel restrictions put the brakes on any of your projects?

Share your ideas below with the community, we'd love to hear them!


(Note: Please do not post links that promote commercial products or websites.)

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I would like to start a photography blog on my website. In this way I try to understand myself better as a photographer and can share my knowledge and experience with others. Who has experience with blogging and how can it contribute to the development of a photographer…



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