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The legendary art and street photographer and pioneer of colour art photography shares his philosophy and techniques learned over his 50 year career

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Absolutely! The course is suitable for all levels of experience, anyone who wants to take better photos.


All you need is a camera, whether that be a smart phone or a DSLR.


Joel is an extraordinary teacher and his passion his infectious. By the end of this course, you will learn how to incorporate the knowledge, ethos and philosophy of one of the world’s greatest photographers into your own photography.

  • Establish your own identity as a photographer
  • Better observe the world around you
  • Avoid clichés and make your photos truly unique
  • Build a repertoire of composition tactics
  • Be at the right place at the right time
  • Work with objects, light, people, landscapes and on the street

Walk with Joel through picturesque Tuscany, bustling Siena and the vibrant streets of New York as he shares ideas, experiences, and explains how to make great photographs. Test yourself with projects set by Joel.


Award-winning photographer Joel Meyerowitz is one of the most highly regarded photographers of the second half of the twentieth century. He has featured in over 350 exhibitions and has published more than 25 photography books. Joel is a Guggenheim Fellow and has  receive the Leica Hall of Fame Award in 2017


I’ve been shooting for over 20 years and I would wholeheartly recommend this course. Joel has a mesmeric voice that just coaxes you along whilst dropping in fantastic hints and tips. Its a treat to find a class at a decent price that offers the insight to one of photography’s greats. Just buy it, you won’t regret it”

Jez Dickson

“I very much enjoyed Joel Meyerowitz’s course. His passion for photography, and for teaching, is infectious, and it was delightful to go through the lessons and be inspired by his ideas. The presentation is excellent, the videos great, and the overall interface of the site makes it a great way to take a course.” 

Kirk McElhearn

“Thank you and the team for putting this together! I’ve been a professional photographer for 16 years and have been waiting 14 of those years to learn from Joel and you finally made it happen. I couldn’t be happier as I’m almost done with the courses and have learned so much already.” 

Saeideh Akbari

“I chose to study Joel’s course because he’s a living legend, and as a fellow street photographer, I believe his work transcends the art form into the sublime. There is something very dream like about his photos. Plus, his personality and unbridled enthusiasm are infectious.” 

Zack Whitford


guarenteed - Joel Meyerowitz


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01 Meet your Master

Meet your master; an award winning artist photographer Joel Meyerowitz whose work has appeared in over 350 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world, and has had 25 books of his work published. Run time: 06min 33sec 

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02 Influences

Joel shares with you some of the significant artists who have influenced him in his 55 years as a photographer and how to begin building your own photographic library of ideas. Run time: 17min 37sec 

lesson 03.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

03 Looking at pictures

Find out how photographs are rich with information as Joel tells the stories behind the fantastic images taken on the streets of New York, Europe and further. Run time: 8min 23sec 

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04 The street is ours

Join Joel on the streets of Manhattan. See through his expert eye how to observe seemingly mundane things and hear how you can bring them together in one unique image. Run time: 14min 02sec 

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05 The magician’s trick

Be a magician with a camera! Learn how to stay alert and pay attention to what is going on around you; magic moments will enable you to capture incredible images on the street. Run time: 10min 42sec 

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06 Aftermath

Learn how to create a meaningful project. Be inspired by Joel’s work as he revisits the site of Ground Zero and learn how to step outside the scale and scope of your ambitions as a photographer. Run time: 10min 15sec

lesson 07.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

07 Composition

What are the rules of composition? Join Joel on the streets of New York City and learn how to develop more complex and interesting compositions and how to find the perfect lens to match your character and composition. Run time: 07min 46sec 

lesson 08.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

08 Ideas for composition

Joel discusses techniques to consider in compositions, including ‘a frame within a frame’, ‘the beautiful chaos’ and ‘the frieze’. Run time: 13min 24sec 

lesson 09.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

09 Street photography

Join Joel as he takes photographs in beautiful Siena and learn the tactics he uses to become invisible on the street. Run time: 04min 13sec 

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10 Cape Light

Seascapes, night shots and portraits. Share Joel’s journey to Cape Cod as he talks in detail about his famous book Cape Light and some of his most beautiful images. Run time: 14min 36sec 

lesson 11.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

11 Black & white or colour?

Which is best? Joel shares some fascinating advice about making your decision to shoot in B&W or colour. Find out why making this choice is a hugely important part of your preparation. Run time: 07min 44sec 

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12 The Meyerowitz Colour Zone System

How do I get the right exposure? Learn from Joel as he shares his ‘Joel Meyerowitz Exposure and Colour Method’ and explains how following this can help you make correct exposures every time. Run time: 06min 17sec 

lesson 13.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

13 Finding your subject

How to find a subject? Do you determine the subject or does the subject exist out there that defines you? Joel discusses how to find a subject that resonates with you. Run time: 06min 09sec 

lesson 14.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

14 Observation

When something visually calls you, say yes! Learn to follow your curiosity and discover what might be at the other end of a street or just around the corner. Run time: 04min 41sec 

lesson 15.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

15 Let light be your subject

Learn how light can become your subject. Look at details. Observations give you subjects, appetite, direction – it is the guiding force behind photographs. Run time: 11min 31sec 

lesson 16.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

16 Seeing your neighbourhood in a fresh way

Be curious. Explore interesting locations all around you, Joel shows you that sometimes they are where you least expect to find them. Run time: 05min 18sec 

lesson 17.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

17 Portraiture

What is a portrait? Who is it of? Is it about the subject or photographer? Joel demonstrates how to take portraits on location and in their environment. Run time: 09min 40sec 

lesson 18.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

18 Workshop Olivia

Olivia discusses with Joel her photography of people in solitude. Joel teaches us how to nurture our instincts. Run time: 14min 43sec

lesson 19.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

19 Workshop Alex

Alex work focuses on people, particularly people in culture. Learn from Joel’s tips and advice as he looks through Alex’s work. Run time: 10min 09sec 

lesson 20.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

20 Workshop Rachel

Joel begins his workshop modules by discussing and critiquing Rachel’s photographs and how she is inspired by nature. Listen and learn whilst Joel explores Rachel’s influences and techniques. Run time: 11min 18sec 

lesson 21.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

21 Workshop Steve

Joel looks at Steve’s street photography. Steve talks about his inspiration and influences and Joel discusses how for him, Steve’s photographs have a dreamlike quality. Run time: 11min 20sec 

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22 Workshop Heather

Heather can be considered a conceptual photographer. Joel talks to Heather about conceptual photography and how she has achieved this through her portraiture and colour experimentation. Run time: 11min 39sec 

lesson 23.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

23 The landscape

You never know what is at the end of a road. Explore off the beaten track and learn to find yourself in the landscape. Run time: 10min 30sec 

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24 How to see when you travel

How do I avoid clichés in landscape photography? Walk with Joel through the Tuscan landscape as he demonstrates how to make a more interesting picture by avoiding the obvious picture postcard image. Run time: 06min 32sec 

lesson 25.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

25 Siena Courtyard

What am I going to photograph and what background am I going to put it on? Join Joel in his Tuscan studio as he begins to talk about finding objects to photograph and setting up the background. Run time: 04min 28sec 

lesson 26.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

26 What is a still life?

We join Joel in his studio as he creates a still life and demonstrates the relationship between objects. Run time: 16min 43sec 

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27 Conversations between objects

We join Joel in his studio as he creates a still life and demonstrates the relationship between objects. Run time: 08min 37sec 

lesson 28.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

28 Let’s make a still life

Throw away the rules of composition and bring the frame alive. Learn how to say things with found objects and how to create conversations between objects. Run time: 09min 38sec 

lesson 29.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

29 Tuscany – Inside the Light

How to work in collaboration… Joel and Maggie discuss their collaboration on the book Tuscany- Inside the Light. Listen to how these two artists work on this successful collaboration. Run time: 19min 14sec 

lesson 30.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

30 Editing to give form to your work

How do we find the best picture? How do we edit down our pictures? Joel shares his advice on selecting which photograph to use, including sharing his unique method of the ‘sticky finger’. Run time: 12min 48sec 

lesson 31.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

31 Make a print

Find out why prints are one of the most important things a photographer can learn from. Joel shares his tips on printing and how to use different types paper. Run time: 10min 11sec 

lesson 32.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

32 Everyone can make a book now

How do I make a photography book? Joel has created twenty-five published photography books, learn from him as he gives his advice on the key aspects to consider when putting together a book. Run time: 8min 20sec 

lesson 33.jpeg copy - Joel Meyerowitz

33 Life as a Photographer

Joel shares 55 years of experience and gives his insights and advice on how to try and make a living out of your photographs. Run time: 10min 08sec 

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34 Farewell

Photography is rich mix of ideas and inspiration; it really is a gift for all of us. Joel’s leave you with some inspirational words and wishes you luck on your journey. Run time: 01min 41sec 


guarenteed - Joel Meyerowitz




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