Nick Knight and his first assistant Britt Lloyd discuss lighting techniques used in his editorial for Stern Magazine ‘Ungewöhnlich Schön’. Their focus is on the Robert Juliat light; an old, clunky theatre spotlight repurposed for studio work. The pair talk through the images that they have produced and provide an excellent analysis of how they work with the light to achieve different effects.

Nick Knight is a British fashion photographer, founder and director of He launched the website in 2001, before the likes of Instagram and Youtube came to prominence. It is a digital home and online network for creatives in the fashion industry.

With the advancement of photographic technology, computer software and the ever evolving mediums of communication, Nick no longer defines himself as a photographer, but instead as an ‘image maker’.

Both Nick, and our master Albert Watson, are internationally acclaimed fashion photographers, with a strong focus on lighting techniques. In his online master class Albert teaches his students a very simple method, using $10 bulbs, to light a studio with extraordinary results. You can watch the trailer for his masterclass here.


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