Masters of Photography launches with Joel Meyerowitz

MoP Launched Press Release

FEB 21, 2018 | Press Releases



Masters of Photography is a new and unique online learning platform which brings together some of the worlds most acclaimed photographers; the Masters. Students can enjoy an unprecedented insight into the way the Masters work during intimate lessons that capture their knowledge, ethos and philosophy.

Each online masterclass of 5 hours has been broken down into around 30 easy to follow lessons, allowing students to learn at their own pace as they embark on a personal journey with the greatest Master photographers.

Chris Ryan, professional photographer and filmmaker for 40 years and cofounder
of Masters of Photography said: “The idea for Masters of Photography came after an unsuccessful search for a site where I could learn from the photography greats who have inspired me throughout my career”.

MoP aims to teach and inspire all photographers to create better images. The classes do not feature technical lessons about how to use a camera, nor are they biased to any type of camera device.

Production quality was a high priority for filmmaker Chris Ryan.

He said:
“We filmed the Masters in such a way that students feel like they are walking side by side with their Master photographers gaining inspiration, listening, learning and watching. We wanted to make these masterclasses hugely engaging by using high production values, taking the Masters to locations across the world that both excited us and stimulated them. This gives students a unique view into how the Masters create
their images”.

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