During Steve McCurry’s masterclass students can enjoy an unprecedented insight into the way McCurry works. His 4 hour masterclass, has been broken down into 25 intimate lessons that capture his knowledge, ethos and philosophy. Students can learn at their own pace as they embark on a personal journey with their Master photographer.

Chris Ryan, professional photographer and filmmaker and co-founder of Masters of Photography said: “What we capture in photography is all about us as individuals, and our unique view of the world. Steve McCurry’s masterclass gives students that very rare opportunity to experience his view of the world”.

Steve McCurry is one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography. Celebrated for his incredible images that have captured the world around us including the iconic Afghan Girl in 1984, he has had scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books and countless exhibitions around the world to his name. Speaking about his masterclass Steve McCurry said “With the camera you can wander and explore, get into sort of a meditative state, a zone of concentration where you become hyperaware of your environment. You start to notice things, sights and sounds, which normally we would walk by and not pay any attention to because our mind was thinking about something else”. He went on to say “I hope my masterclass will help students to understand that the journey is always more important than the actual destination”.

MoP co-founder Gilles Storme said: “Lifelong learning, not only for professional reasons but also for personal fulfilment has always been extremely important but not easy to access. Now, the evolution of technology and the internet has created an exceptional opportunity for people all over the world to access tutoring and education to develop their work skills and interests. We hope Masters of Photography will set a new quality standard for the photography e-learning market”.

Steve McCurry joins the Masters’ roster which opened with artist photographer Joel Meyerowitz. MoP look forward to opening influential photographer Albert Watson’s masterclass in late Spring 2018. Subscribe to www.mopmarketingsite.kinsta.cloud to receive the latest updates and news.

Check here for Steve McCurry’s masterclass.


Steve McCurry on the world’s last unspoiled travel destinations

The Telegraph – March 9, 2018

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