We are excited to announce our latest master class with iconic photographer Steve McCurry.

Steve’s work has been a leading voice in contemporary photography for over 30 years. This is due to his strong focus on telling the stories of human struggle from every corner of the globe. With his dramatic, colourful photographic style, Steve’s contribution to photojournalism is hard to beat. His iconic ‘Afghan Girl’ photo is recognised all over the world.

With Steve McCurry’s master class, students can enjoy an unprecedented insight into the way he works. In his master class, Steve teaches from his own experience as a photographer. The 4 hour course consists of 25 videos, with accompanying study sheets, that follow him on location around the world or in the studio as he explains his process and the stories behind his famous photographs.

With the Masters of Photography online learning platform, students can learn at their own pace as they embark on a personal journey with their Master photographer. Steve aims to teach and inspire his students through the medium of photography and does so with great care and enthusiasm.


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