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Steve McCurry launches his master class

18 March 2018

We are excited to announce our latest master class with iconic photographer Steve McCurry. Steve’s work has been a leading voice in contemporary photography for over 30 years. This is due to his strong focus on telling the stories of human struggle from every corner of the globe. With his dramatic, colourful...

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Student Interview: Kim Aldis

16 March 2018

Kim Aldis is another of Joel Meyerowitz’s early students and also a successful photographer, animator and all round visual creative in his own right. He has spent many years in the film and TV industry. We had a chat with him to find out more. Hi Kim, can you tell us a...

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Student Interview: Zack Whitford

09 March 2018

Zack Whitford, one of Joel Meyerowitz’s earliest students on the course, is a successful photographer in his own right and has been in the game for around 8 years. We asked him a few questions about his career, his photography and what he’s gained from studying Joel’s course. Zack Whitford by Graham...

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Inspirational photographs by Joel Meyerowitz

01 March 2018

In 2015, Joel and his wife Maggie Barret started a photography blog. “Once more around the sun” documents their adventures and life in Europe. In this blog Joel, who’s carried his Leica every day since he began photographing in 1962, posts at least one photograph every day. Joel has very kindly given us access to their...

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